JDB Industries provides the following services :

  • Single Stacker
  • Cantilever Stacker
  • Three Level Simple Stacker
  • Two Level Stacker With One Pit Level
  • Three Level Stacker With One Pit Level
  • Three Level Puzzle Parking
  • Car Turntable
  • Maintenence (A.M.C)

A.M.C - Car Parking System

JDB Industries undertakes servicing contracts for multi level car parking systems where any kind of system fault can be fixed and any major fault can be avoided, as undivided attention will be given on the working performance and operation of the system, with minimum maintenance cost at top priority all the time.

Comprehensive A.M.C

This type of A.M.C is the most hassle free type. In this category once the contract is given all the repairs, maintenance and the servicing is done. Any kind of repair, parts replacement is dealt with in the same cost. No extra charge involved.

Schedule of Maintenance (Comprehensive AMC) – As per Maintenance Check listed below.

Sr.No. Maintenance Procedure Frequency
1 Operator Box with Emergency Push button 3M
2 Mechanical Safety lock & Magnet Setting 3M
3 Hydraulic Power pack 3M
4 Hydraulic Cylinder 3M
5 Poppet valve 3M
6 Synchronization chain 3M
7 Platforms 3M
8 Wheel stopper 3M
9 Main Column anchor bolts 3M
10 All bearings, sliding parts & lubrication points 3M
11 Synchronization chain 3M
12 Complete Parking system 3M

Non-Comprehensive A.M.C

This type of A.M.C is the most economical and convenient type. In this type of A.M.C we cater to if there are any parts to be replaced will be bought to your notice and will be billed accordingly. all the needs that require the system to be in proper operating status. The only difference is that Fitting and labor aat no extra cost.